This blog is dedicated to following Joe Liles as he hikes the Appalachian Trail from May to October 2009. A good place to start is with the introductory post. As Joe sends in his updates you’ll find them on the main blog page and under Trail Reports. There are also updated maps and image galleries to explore.

If you would like to be a “Trail Angel” for Joe and help him along the way – with a hot meal, laundry services, a ride into town, or just as a companion hiker along the trail – leave detailed information in the blog comments or email one of us below. Joe can’t make any promises as its nearly impossible to coordinate exact meeting times, but he very much appreciates everyone’s support along the way.

Joe Liles Joe Liles – HIKER []
Joe is currently living his dream by thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail from its start in northern Georgia to its end some 2200 miles later in Maine. He is 60-some years young and newly retired from nearly 30 years at the North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics where he taught art, photography, and mechanical drawing. Joe has close ties to the Native American community, and is especially proud of the yearly Pow-wow he organized each year on campus. He is also almost single-handedly responsible for decades of slide shows that have recorded the history of the school.

Colin Law Colin Law – BLOGGER []
I was taught by Joe back in 1984-1986 at the North Carolina School of Science And Mathematics. Since then he and I have worked closely restoring all the Class slide shows and doing other alumni events. Its been a pleasure to know and work with Joe after leaving NCSSM and I am happy to host this blog of his 2009 trekking adventure. I currently live in Atlanta, GA near the start of Joe’s hike. Email me with comments and questions about the blog.

NOTE: Headshots shown are from 1985. The management thought it would be best to show both of these fine gentlemen far less grey and wrinkley than they are today.