Joe’s Trail Hike Pool – When will Joe finish the Trail?


At the end of Joe’s last post he commented that he figured he was going 14-20 miles a day. That got me to thinking and since I have all the data so far, I decided to calculate a table of his miles per day for each Trail Report leg of his hike. Note that these numbers include ALL his zero days, so his low numbers usually mean many of those interim days he wasn’t hiking at all.

3/11/09 27 9.0
3/20/09 76 5.44
3/24/09 111 8.75
3/27/09 135 8.0
3/30/09 165 10.0
4/5/09 214 8.17
4/8/09 271 19.0
4/16/09 340 8.63
4/23/09 410 10.0
4/28/09 460 10.0
5/3/09 536 15.2
5/9/09 623 14.5
5/17/09 715 11.5
5/26/09 850 15.0
6/5/09 1012 16.2
6/15/09 1135 12.3
6/27/09 1278 11.92
7/3/09 1358 13.33
7/10/09 1470 16.0
7/20/09 1597 12.7

Anyway, I propose to those of you keeping up with this Trail blog, that we have a pool to guess what DAY Joe will finish and summit Mt. Katahdin.

Use the data I provided above as a helper, or just close your eyes and point to a date on the calendar. Only 1 rule: leave all your guesses in the comments of this blog post. If more than one person picks the winning day, I’ll have a random draw of the names that chose it.

THE PRIZE: I was thinking about what could be a prize and it was immediately pretty obvious… how about Joe’s Appalachian Trail Reports printed and bound as a booklet – and I’ll see about getting Joe to autograph it as well before sending it on to the winner.

(I’ll rule myself out of the contest, but I’d guess September 12)

18 Responses to “Joe’s Trail Hike Pool – When will Joe finish the Trail?”

  1. Allen Briggs (S&M '88) [] Says:

    I’ll guess September 3rd.

  2. Sue Anne Lewis (NCSSM SLI) Says:

    I’m going with Sept. 15th… go, Joe, go!

  3. Allison van den Berg Says:

    I vote for Sept. 6th! Good luck, Joe!

  4. Tyler Buckner (NCSSM 1991) Says:

    I like the number “9″…so my choice is 9/9/2009.

  5. Katrina Lee (NCSSM c/o '95) Says:

    I’ll take Sept. 11! Though it wouldn’t surprise me if Joe decides to stretch this amazing experience out as long as he can!

  6. Riche Wiley (NCSSM '05) [] Says:

    I’ll guess Sept 18th! Good luck!

  7. Ann Cannon [] Says:

    I’m going with September 17th.

  8. H. Ernest Chen Says:

    I’m going to guess September 21st, 2009

  9. Joan Webkamigad [] Says:

    my pick is sept 14th,

  10. Dan S. [] Says:

    My guess is Sept.16th.

  11. Alec C. [] Says:

    My guess is August 31

  12. Don H. [] Says:

    I vote for Sept 10, just in time for Joe to make the Trails End Festival in nearby Millinocket Maine on September 12-13.

  13. Kimberly S. [] Says:

    September 12

  14. JD and Kevin Bartkovich [] Says:

    Kev and I will guess Sept. 13th. Joe, you are amazing! What a wonderful adventure.

  15. Nick Lehman Says:

    I’ll say 9/8.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I’m gonna go with Sep 7th. Partly because its what’s left. YAY Joe!

  17. Kate Davison [] Says:

    And that was me. Kate Davison

  18. Therese Taxis [] Says:

    I have to go with Sept. 8th. Your reports would make an amazing book and I loved the photo of the new shoes on your feet next to the ones that were ruined. What an adventure. Can’t wait to welcome you home. Be safe. Therese

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