some news from the Trail


I spoke to Joe yesterday and he reported that he was disappointed to be unable to locate a computer on his last zero day off the Trail in Pennsylvania. So here’s a quick update…

He had a little scare when he noticed some tick bites and began to feel pretty ill last week, so he had himself checked out for Lyme disease during that stop. Blood tests were inconclusive but considering he had all the symptoms he was given a 3 week run of heavy duty antibiotics that immediately had him feeling better and back hiking again. He’s on day 4 of 21 of medicine today as he hikes into New York. If its really Lyme disease its not something you ever get rid of, but he caught it early and there’s no reason to think it will slow him down.

He also reports there are bears everywhere! Up until now he had only seen 1 the entire hike and he said yesterday he saw 3, including an encounter I’m sure he’ll want to share in his next Trail Report. No worries though…bears up in the NY area are afraid of people unlike the ones in NC looking for handouts. And Joe is keeping his distance and hiking with others when needed.

Hopefully he’ll get to report in around July 4th.


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