Welcome to Joe’s Appalachian Trail blog!


Hello to all friends and family of Joe Liles and welcome to Joe’s Appalachian Trail blog!

My name is Colin Law, and I was taught by Joe back in 1984-1986 at the North Carolina School of Science And Mathematics. Since then he and I have worked closely restoring all the Class slide shows and doing other alumni events. Its been a pleasure to know and work with Joe after leaving NCSSM and so I am happy to host this blog of his 2009 trekking adventure.

As many of you know, Joe is hiking the Appalachian Trail this year. He kicks it all off in three days, March 8th, from just north of my home here in Atlanta, Georgia. Joe is hiking the trail northward as a thru-hiker, which basically means he intends to do all 2,176 miles of it without stopping. Joe expects to finish up in Maine sometime in October barring any unforeseen interruptions. Its quite a daunting trip, but he’s been dreaming and preparing for this for many, many years. His recent retirement from NCSSM has finally given him the chance to make that dream come true.

When Joe comes off the trail along the way to resupply he will be sending email updates of his travels. I created this blog to track his progress and record all his stories from the journey. Please check back often to follow his adventures.

My hope is that you can all participate in Joe’s hike by leaving comments in the posts. He hopes to be able to access the internet regularly, so you could use the comments to link up with him for a few miles of the hike or at the very least just show your support. At the end of the year with all of the comment-contributions, this blog will be a wonderful record of the whole adventure.

Email me with any questions about the blog. I’ll be ghost-writing posts for Joe, but can get messages to him when he is available. Hope you enjoy following along for the next few months!

Colin Law
NCSSM Class of 1986

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