Trail Report – April 28 addendum

Trail Report

Dear friends,

This is the same date as my last email, but I forgot to tell you an amazing thing that happened today. Greg Bell, Festival Organizer for the Festival for the Eno, drove all the way up to Damascus to see me. He brought with him the fine art screen print for this coming July Fourth’s 30th Festival for the Eno, all 200 limited edition prints. I had designed this print before I left for the Appalachian Trail and left it in the hands of the fine folks at Azalea Graphics in Durham to guide through the printing process. This morning was the first time I had seen the print on something other than a computer screen. The prints are beautiful! The folks at Duratech and Azalea did a great job! The reason Greg brought them to Damascus was so I could sign and number them. If all goes well for me on the Trail, I will not be able to make this year’s festival, hence the early signing of the prints. Be sure to check out the 30th Festival for the Eno this summer and take a look at this print. It depicts the confluence of the West Fork and East Fork of the Eno River. This confluence exists above Hillsborough, NC, and was recently purchased by the Eno River Association. We have a lot to be proud of in how the Association and many of you have worked together to preserve the Eno River watershed.

All my best,

Braid, AKA Joe Liles

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  1. Fred Hurteau Says:

    Hi Joe. I’m still forwarding the reports to all in DEEP, and sometimes just referring them to the web site if the posts are up to date, and letting them all know more news is up. Several have thanked me for keeping them up to date, and we’re all following along anxiously with your adventures. Been tossing the idea around in my head of offering to drive my big comfy truck up to Maine about the time you arrive and seeing if you wanna hitchhike home in style. Trouble is, that’s a lot of hours of sitting, and I’d probably have to tie your legs down to keep them from working out of sheer habit :)

  2. Mark Wagoner [] Says:

    Hello Joe, Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you. I cannot say enough about how proud I am of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Scott Laird [] Says:

    Hey Joe!! I love reading the posts and often think of you on the trail. Be safe, my friend. Enjoy your adventure. I am glad that you are feeling a bit better!

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