300 new images from Joe’s Trail Hike


Hello to everyone following Joe’s Trail blog. Joe has recently sent me several CDs filled with all the images he’s taken so far on his hike. There is a new IMAGES section of the blog where I will be putting the image galleries as they come in. The galleries and images are in chronological order and broken up by trail sections as Joe has labelled on the archive CDs.

So far there are 3 new galleries with ~300 new images.

Gallery 01: Start, Georgia, NC Line
Gallery 02: Chunky Gal, Wayah Bald, Nantahala, Fontana Dam
Gallery 03: Smokies, Standing Bear, Snow, Hot Springs

Joe left Hot Springs a few days ago and is back headed north into warmer springtime weather.

- Colin

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  1. Lois Dockery [lois_dockery@yahoo.com] Says:

    Hey Joe, so happy to hear that you are ‘walking the path’, ‘happy trails’ as we used to, and I still say! I’ll be thinking of you my old friend and praying you will encounter all the joy and beauty our Great Mother has to offer. Peace and light.

    always, Lois

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