New map pins


Can you tell I like tweaking the blog? I’ve changed the progress pins on the mini-maps to be red and green corresponding to the elevation map markers and Joe’s start and end points for the given Trail Report. Hope you find them more informative.

- Colin

3 Responses to “New map pins”

  1. Sheridan Hopkins(NCSSM 88) [] Says:

    Dear Joe,
    I hope that you enjoy your journey. I will make sure that my brothers Shawn Hopkins and Stephen Hopkins know and check in from time to time. I am sure that you will discover many beautiful things.
    Sheridan Hopkins Class of 88.

  2. Kalman (c/o 2006) Says:

    Dear Joe,
    Good luck on your journey on the trail! Enjoy the atmosphere, have fun, and keep the updates coming!
    Kalman Bugica Class of 2006

  3. Inetha Cousin, Class of 1994 Says:

    I’m so excited, Mr. Liles to foolow your journey. You were my art and advaned photography professor, and you were just a pleasure and inspiration every day. Thank so much for all you gave, and continue to give, to NCSSM.

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