Joe Liles’ “Walk Of A Lifetime” from The Today Show

Post-Trail Report

Joe Liles’ “Walk Of A Lifetime” from The Today Show
At 59, a retired art teacher fulfills his dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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  1. Colin Law [] Says:

    I missed the televised broadcast Joe but was glad to find the embedded video I could link to. What a well edited together piece. Its just great. I like how they put together your training and assembling of hiking equipment, and hiking in the rain. This is such a nice summary video for your trip.

  2. Joe Liles [] Says:

    Colin, I owe so much to you for enhancing my Appalachian Trail experience. You created this blog for me. You enabled the creation of an online community that supported me on my hike. I found that I wasn’t just hiking for myself; I was hiking for others. I couldn’t quit because of this! Thanks for all you do. –Braid

  3. Misti [] Says:

    My in-laws had DVRd this for us and now we are home from work we got to watch it. When I saw your braid I realized who you were; we met you at the AT Museum opening this year. You may or may not remember us…I asked you about how to get a banner going for Trail Days! Anyway, great video and I found myself nodding to so many things.

    Happy Trails!

  4. Roger Gorey [] Says:

    Joe…great stuff. I’ve been reading your blog over the last day or so at the suggestion of someone who referred me to your site. I’m at the point you enetered New York early July the year of your hike. I’m an “old timer” scheduled to start a thru hike late March of this year (2011). Your notes have been a great inspiration and wonderful to read. Thanks for your generous and sharing spirit.

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