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Dear friends,

A new development has come into my life that I wanted to share with you. I am going to be on the Today Show on Wednesday, November 10! I will be the guest on a short taped segment called “Your Life Calling with Jane Pauley,” airing between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time. I’ve been told that the chances are good it will be aired in a tighter window of time between 8:30 and 8:45, but live TV can be tricky. They have already changed the date once on me. “Your Life Calling” is sponsored by AARP and features people older than 50 who are re-inventing their lives. Hiking the Appalachian Trail certainly did this for me! After the show airs, a longer version will be posted on the AARP website, Additionally, at noon on November 10, I will be joining Jane Pauley and a representative of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy for a “Live Chat” on You can log into this website and join in the on-line conversation if you like. Everybody wants to know how the Today Show found out about me. It was through one of my former students at my old school, NCSSM, that it all happened. I hope you are able to catch the show and join me for the chat on the internet.

All my best,

Braid, AKA Joe Liles

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  1. Tyler Buckner - NCSSM 1991 Says:

    Excellent! Congrats, Joe!

  2. Jewel Says:


  3. kathy [] Says:

    This am, my daughter called me to watch your segment on TODAY. Wonderful to see someone live their dream! Blessings to you on your new life…it’s not reinvented…it’s been there all along. You are an inspiration!

  4. Barbara McDowell Whitt [] Says:

    Hi Joe (“Braid”),
    Watching you on the Today Show in your segment with Jane Pauley and reading your comments on the AARP chat, I must say that you are an amazing person. You definitely are putting others before yourself as evidenced by your responses to the questions you were asked during the chat. And you made a good impression on others you encountered on your hike. What is one of your favorite memories from a town you visited that was adjacent to the trail?

  5. Unklmarty [] Says:

    Joe…You keep me so inspired. Thank You!

  6. Joe Liles [] Says:

    Unklmarty, Don’t let the challenges of life discourage you from your dreams. You will find a way. The Trail will provide! –Braid

  7. Joe Liles [] Says:

    Barbara, Thanks for your kind words. A favorite Trail Town experience happened in Hot Springs, NC. I hiked into town after enduring a snowstorm in the higher elevations. I found that every motel room in town was taken. I was desperate to get warm and to dry out my wet tent and clothes. I learned from some hikers I met on the street that a very expensive inn in town had a few vacant rooms. I proceeded to the Iron Horse Inn. The proprietor let me drop my things upstairs and come back and settle up financially. I really dreaded that part. When I got upstairs, I took out my cell phone and plugged it in for recharging. It immediately chimed. I looked at the screen. “You have a new voice mail message, do you want to listen to it now, or later?” I entered “Now.” I heard the voice: “Mr. Liles, you might not remember me, but my name is Tyler Buckner, and I was a student of yours back in the mid-1980s. My hometown in Hot Springs, NC, but I now live in Ohio where I run a business. I wanted to make sure you had a good experience when you came through my hometown. When you get to Hot Springs, find your way to the Iron Horse Inn. Ask the man at the grill to look in the cash register. There will be an envelope there for you.” I couldn’t believe this! How did Tyler know I was here?! I went downstairs and told the same proprietor that there was an envelope in the cash register for me. He looked at me like I was out of my mind but looked in the cash register. He came back and said, “There’s nothing in there for you.” I asked him to look under the money tray. He rolled his eyes at me and returned to the cash register, lifted up the tray, pulled out a white envelope and brought it to me. It had my name on it! “Is this you?” he asked. I said yes and showed him my ID. I opened the envelope. Inside was a piece of paper that read, “Here is all the information necessary to allow Joe Liles to stay one night for free at the Iron Horse Inn, have a tab at the grill for up to $100, have a one hour soak in the town’s hot springs for up to four thru-hikers, and a foot massage for two people. Needless to say, thanks to Tyler, my friends and I had a wonderful time in Hot Springs, my first Trail town. “Trail Magic” like this kept happening to me all the way to Maine. –Braid

  8. Nicholas Hancock [] Says:

    Joe, I didn’t find out until this morning that you hike the trail. You told me several years ago that you wanted to hike the trail after retirement. I am genuinely happy for you and proud of you. Way to go!

  9. Mark Conard [] Says:

    Glad to hear you did the Appalachian Trail and pleased to know that you were scheduled for the Today show!

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